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Fitness fashion: Consolidation in the Brazilian market and standout in the international market

    According to the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit), data collected in the year 2018 indicate that "Brazil is the largest complete Textile Chain in the West. [...] we have everything from the production of fibers, such as cotton plantation , to fashion shows, including spinning mills, weaving mills, processing companies, clothing and strong retail". Also, "Brazil is a world reference in beachwear, jeanswear and homewear design, with the fitness and lingerie segments having also grown".

Brazilian participation in the fitness fashion sector


   With this in mind, this economic sector covers a significant part of the Brazilian economy, especially in the case of trade in the "clothing/clothing" category, as there was a jump from U$74,629, in 2015, to U$92,882 in 2019, of Brazilian exports to the whole world.


    It is also worth mentioning that the fitness market is relevant in this context, because, in the period between 2011 and 2016, its participation grew 22% in this field; in numerical terms, the equivalent of 80 million reais was traded at the time mentioned. This growth can be seen, in general, by the Brazilian occupation in second place in the global ranking of countries with the highest number of gyms (a little over 30,000, according to the Global Report of IHRSA).

International market projections


   In addition, when it comes to sales of products related to fitness fashion, the proliferation of e-commerce in this segment is noticeable, as the retail of these articles of clothing grows, on average, 2.4% per year, according to Portal Terra. Added to this, according to Google Trends, interest over time in these goods has grown exponentially, as in January 2011 the relative search interest was 27, while in September 2020 it is 72, both on a scale from 0 to 100.

The importance of assistance from an international consultancy


    Knowing this, it is essential that the retailer who deals with fitness fashion understand who the main commercial partners in Brazil are and what are the possibilities of inserting their business in the international market through a detailed study and data collection, as this segment covers very attractive possibilities for trade.

By Thais Pereira on 10/09/2020



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