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Expansion of the melon market

         Originário da África, the melon was brought to Brazil during the colonization period, with slavery and European immigrants. A source of vitamin C and nutrients, the fruit is currently grown mainly in the Northeast, where melon is exported.

          _In the first half of 2022, exports of fruit growing – a branch of agriculture that aims to produce fruit in general – were generally reduced by 11%, both in value and volume. However, melon continued its growth, with a 9% increase in tons exported

          According to the National Rural Learning Service (SENAR), 95% of the fruit is cultivated nationally in the Northeast, with emphasis on Rio Grande do Norte, with 50% of domestic production, due to favorable weather conditions melon in this region, with little rain and a lot of sun. 

            The export of melon, being the second most exported fruit crop in Brazil, is directed mainly to the United States and Europe and recently, China has opened its trade for the product. 

            In addition, sustainability in the cultivation of Brazilian melon is highlighted. In a survey released by SENAR, fruit grown in Brazil has a carbon footprint 50% lower than melon produced abroad, such as in Italy.

By: Maia Luiza Costa on 12/16/2022


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