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Passion fruit: the new perspectives of the fruit of the moment

    The passion fruit (Passiflora spp.) is one of the most popular fruits in Brazil, having originated most probably in our own country, with its name coming from the Tupi language, meaning "fruit in the shape of a gourd". In addition to this historical connection with the fruit, Brazil is also its largest producer, and one of the largest exporters, in the world.  


     The new perspectives of passion fruit


    The export rates of fruit products have been growing a lot in recent years, with domestic investments in the country changing the reality of producers, who today seek outflow in the fresh fruit format, pulp, juice or even suitable for use in cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. 


     Its performance in the Brazilian market


      Regarding juice exports specifically, in 2021, Brazil sold approximately 891 tons, representing an increase of more than 91 % in relation to the previous year, in addition to the fact that the value of a ton of fruit for export is double the average value of a ton of all fruits for the same purpose, according to Comex Stat and Abrafrutas. The revenue generated by the operation increased from USD 1.1 billion in FOB value in 2020 to USD 2.2 billion in 2021.  


     a sweet conclusion


     Therefore, cith a high variety of species, regular annual productivity and increased research into its uses and benefits, passion fruit has everything to become the next trendy fruit and a great product for those looking for opportunities to export this fruit.



By: Gabriel Silva Souza on 03/21/2023



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